Concept Cars
- Audi R25
- Audi RSQ
- Camaro Convertible Concept
- Chevy Z06 X Corvette
- DeltaWing IndyCar Concept
- Ford Shelby Cobra
- Lamborghini Concept S
- Lamborghini Minotauro
- Mercedes Biome
- Peugeot Leonin
- Porsche 918 RSR
- Saab Aero-X
- Scion Fuse
- Volkswagen XL1
Diesel Cars
- Volvo V60 Diesel PHEV
Electric Cars
- Commuter Car Tango
- General Motors EV1
- Kaz Limousine
- Peugeot EX1
- Peugeot Moovie
- Tesla Motors Roadster
- Venturi Fetish
Exotic Cars
- Bugatti Veyron
- Camaro ZL1
- Ferrari Enzo
- Hennessey Venom GT
- Lamborghini Diablo
- Mastretta MXT
- McLaren F1
- Maserati MC12
- Rolls Royce Phantom Black
- Saleen S7
Hybrid Cars
- Ford Reflex
- Honda Insight
- Mazda Ibuki
- Porsche Cayenne Hybrid
- Toyota Hybrid X
Hydrogen Cars
- BMW H2R Racecar
- Chevy Volt Hydrogen
- Ford Super Chief
- Giugiaro Vadho
- GM H2H Hummer
Unique Cars
- MDI Air Car
- Moller Skycar
- Rinspeed Senso
- Smart Car
- Terrafugia Transition











(reviews of the hottest cool cars)

Ejoying Cool cars help every enthusiast celebrate life. Check out the awesome autos on this site and let your opinion be known. Like or Not? Thumbs up or down. This is a selective site, so we've hand picked the hottest and fastest of the most gnarly autos we can find to share.

cool cars


The coolest cars from past, present and future, in case you haven't noticed is what this site is devoted to reviewing. From awesome exotic autos to hybrids to hydrogen to electric vehicles we have a highly focused website of the wildest cars known. Whether you like the classics or the futuristic fuel cell vehicles, you can find the top cars on this site. Henry Ford invented some pretty outstanding automobiles now didn't he? But let's not forget names like Karl Benz or Amédée Bollée.

Rezvani Beast

Well, that's not exactly true about Ford as he invented the assembly line to mass produce the first cars in the United States. Today, the auto bailout seems to have worked (in a non-political, auto enthusiast way) so at least some American brands of stylish autos are here to stay.


Get the Concept?

But, hey, the U. S. and Japanese automakers are not the only ones making awesome cars as there are plenty of other vehicles coming out of Korea, Germany, the UK, Italy and even China. Some of the cars we like best happen to be the concept cars and the alternative fuel vehicles and even the exotic cars. On this site, we'll attempt to bring what we think are the top concept cars so you can see what the future may hold in the automotive industry.

We will also keep you up-to-date on the top hybrid cars and hydrogen cars that happen to be out there now and the ones in development. Hey, green is cool! So, come back and visit often as we'll be adding more select vehicles on this awesome car website.

Cool Concept Car

By select, we mean the cars that we like and we select to be the most unique out there. It's a short list, but a meaningful list and this site is still growing and will continue to grow for many months and years forward.

If they make them, you'll be able to find the coolest of those extreme vehicles here. So, enjoy the reviews of many of the cars that can be found in all regions of this earth.

Supercar with babe

Unheard Of!

Most of the super exciting cars, though, you may have never heard of (I don't like ending sentences in a preposition). So, bring your friends and get an education on all kinds of cars of which you've never seen before. If you know about an odd, unknown wickedly awesome car we haven't covered then tell us about it - thanks!


Updated October 05, 2015