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Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is the fastest street legal car in the world today. Produced by a subsidiary of Volkswagen, this thing can go up to 274 miles per hour. Watch out for gas though. The engine is a monstrous W16 (like two V8 melded together), and you will get only 6 mpg. Only 300 Bugatti Veyrons will ever be made. With a price tag of $1.3 million, that isn't surprising at all.


Bugatti Veyron

The horsepower of the Bugatti Veyron comes in at well over 1,000 hp, and will be advertised at "1,001 horsepower." That is a record for most powerful production road-car engine in history. The Bugatti Veyron was never thought to be such a powerful car as it was being built and tested. In fact, it was getting many negative reviews and car experts were claiming it couldn't be done.

After seeing the Bugatti Veyron though, many experts are now proclaiming it is one of the most sought after supercars ever made. With it's sleek design and great engineering, the Bugatti Veyron was proclaimed Top Gear Magazine Car of the Year. The first ever sale of a Veyron was at the 2005 Dubai Motor Show, which collected 6 sales. Where can you pick one of these up? The Bugatti Veyrons will be sold to customers from at 20 Bentley dealers worldwide.

Make sure you don't crash this beast either. While maintenance can be performed at the dealership, you'll need a mechanic flown in to get Veyron repaired. However, if you're shelling out $1 million plus for the car, cost isn't really a factor, only convenience. So how fast can this thing accelerate? Apparently, it can go from 0 to 60 in just 2.5 seconds. That is whiplash speeds, my friends.

It's an air hog too. If you're going 230 mph in the Bugatti Veyron, it'll consume 10,000 gallons of air. This is about as much as the average person inhales in 4 days. The odd thing about the Veyron is that at full speed, the tires will burst into flames after just 15 minutes of driving. However, its an ironic blessing that you can only drive it for 12 minutes if you have a full tank of gas.

Overall, it is a very safely made car though. In fact, there has only been one reported crash of a Bugatti Veyron, which happened on March 4th, 2007. So, the only question left is whether or not it's worth it. Quite simply, the answer is yes. If you've got $1 million to spend, the Bugatti Veyron would be a phenomenal investment.

So far, the Bugatti Veyron is the highest performing supercar ever made. As far as top speed and quickest acceleration among all the benchmark speeds, it's the fastest. Just imagine what it'd feel like to be going 253 mph and never leaving the ground.

The car was named after Pierre Veyron, the French racing driver who won the Le Mans in 1939. If you like putting the pedal to the metal and like your cars fast and cool, you can't go wrong with a Bugatti Veyron.