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Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

The Ford Shelby Cobra concept car has signaled in grand style the return of the partnership between Ford Motor Company and Carroll Shelby. With a lightweight minimalist body (3,200 lbs.) and interior and a large 6.4 liter all-aluminum V-10 engine, the Ford Shelby Cobra 2-seater concept provides excellent power-to-weight ratio.


The design and emotional intent of the Ford Shelby Cobra concept was to both modernize it while likening it to the Cobras of the 1960's. Unlike the current round of supercars with mid-engine oomph, the Ford Shelby Cobra concept vehicle places its 605 hp DOHC engine underneath the front hood. The massive engine also cranks out 501 ft. lbs. of torque without turbocharging or supercharging and has the expected 0 - 60 mph acceleration of under 4.0 seconds.

In designing the Ford Shelby Cobra concept, the engineering team referred heavily to the Ford GT production car, including advanced aluminum chassis, suspension and frame. The Ford Shelby Cobra concept differs significantly from the GT, though in that it is 2-feet shorter and has no roof, side windows or even a radio.

Designed as a minimalist roadster with a huge engine and grand styling, the Ford Shelby Cobra concept was built in just 5 months by a highly-focused team of engineers. Though this vehicle was built for speed, passenger comfort was also taken into account. The Ford Shelby Cobra concept can seat two-full size adults comfortably with more legroom than a Ford Crown Victoria sedan.

The public outcry for a production version of the Ford Shelby Cobra concept vehicle has been fantastic. When pressed for an answer of whether or not the Shelby Cobra will ever see the light at the end of the showroom, Ford gives the definitive answer of "maybe". Even so, if the public is vocal enough about this car, Ford would be hard pressed to keep it out of eager consumer hands. Stay tuned to see how this one unfolds.