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Giugiaro Vadho

The 2007 Giugiaro Vadho was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland and has thrilled car enthusiasts ever since. The 2-seat futuristic style automobile is build with a custom tandem cockpit layout on the left side and hydrogen internal combustion engine (ICE) and transmission on the right side.


The left and right sides, though are interchangeable depending upon the country the Giugiaro Vadho will be driven in. The Giugiaro Vadho uses the same engine as the BMW Hydrogen 7 automobile and the same 7-speed SMG transmission as well.

As far as cool cars, the Giugiaro Vadho take the cake (or power drink) as the cockpit is driven via two joysticks that sit upon the driver's armrests. These joysticks adjust for driving conditions such as curves to aid the driver is a smooth transition and truly interactive feel while inside the automobile. Aiding in the interactivity and gamer feel is the by-wire technology for maneuvering, accelerating and stopping.

The driver also has monitors on the center console to view what the side and rear cameras see at all times. The rear seat passenger is also not left out of the fun as this person also has a joystick to play with. The joystick in the back seat controls a video monitor on the rear of the driver's seat so that the one in the rear can see everything the driver sees.

The space-meets-aeronautical design of the Giugiaro Vadho also means that safety is a prime factor when blowing down the road in this zero emission vehicle. The Giugiaro Vadho has a roll bar attached to the cockpit glass and several different airbags from different angles pop out as needed in any kind of impact.

What also makes the Giugiarò Vadho a very cool car is the radar technology used when backing up to park the car. In addition, infrared technology is available for nighttime driving and the car is also a smart car able to communicate with roadside infrastructure such as signals, when this becomes available.

Developed by Italdesign, the Giugiarò Vadho meets the very definition of a cool car with its eye-catching design, high performance and maneuverability and all the bells and whistle a gaming enthusiast or gadget-head would ever want in a vehicle.