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MDI Air Car

MDI Air Cars, who offers several models that run on compressed air, are an interesting alternative to hydrogen car and electric vehicles in that they constitute yet another zero emissions alternative. MDI Air Cars have the potential to help countries reduce dependency upon foreign fossil fuels while emitting no greenhouse gases.


MDI Air Car

As the automotive industry makes its push to find cleaner alternatives to today's common cars, there are certain designers who are taking the initiative in that regard. Auto designer Guy Negre seems to have done that with his new MDI Compressed Air Car (CAT). The Compressed Air Car, which is represented by its designers as "The World's Cleanest Car", is a new idea in the automotive industry because it runs exclusively on air. The compressed air engine, designed specifically for this vehicle, allows the car to run without burning up any precious fossil fuels.

MDI has actually introduced two models, the MiniCat and CityCat, which both use the same engines, which come in choices of 2, 4 or 6 cylinders. Both the MiniCat and CityCat also have a choice in whether the will contain the standard compressed air engine or a hybrid flex fuel / compressed air engine.

The models with compressed air engines are meant to be city cars as they can only achieve speeds of 35 mph. The flex fuel hybrids, however, use compressed air up until the vehicle hits 35 mph and then the fuel-powered engine kicks in to help the vehicle achieve speeds up to 68 mph. The flex fuel engine can accept gasoline, biofuels, alcohol or several other odd derivative fuels. The range of the hybrid vehicles is around 125 miles.

One side benefit of using compressed air to power the vehicle is that the pistons are not only driven by the air but also compress some of the air back to replenish the tanks. In addition, this air is cooler when it comes out from the engine and can be used to air condition the vehicle.

Another interesting new feature for this air car is that it automatically shuts down the engine when the car is stationary. While sitting at a red light, this car won't be burning any fuel like other typical automobiles.

The exterior of the MDI Air Car is built in a modern way. Like several of the cars on today's market, its frame is built with fiberglass and injected foam. This was the preference when designing the vehicle over using steel because it's cheaper, it is lighter, and it is much easier to fix in case of an accident. In addition to that, the MDI Air Car's design makes it one of the safest cars to ever be made.

The enhanced shock resistant chassis, which is built using aluminum rods, are designed in a quick assembly design. This allows MDI to not only produce cars safely but quickly and efficiently as well.

MDI envisions that once the compressed air infrastructure is built, that the MiniCAT and CityCAT will be able to recharge and refuel at most gasoline stations using both the standard refueling island and off-island compressors refueling in 5 minutes or less.. Until this happens, though, the air cars come with their own onboard compressors, which plug into standard electrical outlets. Using the onboard compressor it takes about 4 hours to fill.

The MDI Air Car is truly a revolutionary pioneer in a market. It takes next generation technology and puts it into a car that benefits both the driver and the environment. Guy Negre set out to design the world's most unique environmental car and he may have succeeded. At the very least, he has produced a clean car to rival the other zero emission vehicles being developed and for much less dough as well since the air car is supposed to rival standard automobiles in price.