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Audi R25

Audi sports cars are famous for their strong performance and stylish builds. The 2010 Audi R25 concept car has been designed while keeping in mind the concept of 2025 Los Angeles round of the ALMS (American Le Mans Series).


Thus, 2010 Audi R25 concept car is a futuristic car whose design has been made for the auto designing competition round of Los Angeles 2025 ALMS Show Design Challenge. The 2010 Audi R25 Concept Car is augmented with the WiTricity electrical wireless charging system that promoted the driver to utilize the free energy zones while saving the fuel. The design includes space frames, integrated circuits, great flexibility with proper required rigidity. This futuristic car has been designed in a green environmental friendly manner as it can run on algae-based biofuel.

The 2010 Audi R25 Concept Car has an efficient electric motor that can operate on the wireless technology of the electricity transfer. Active micro control surfaces are situated in the car that is meant to optimize the airflow to offer more speed while racing. The futuristic Audi R25 will also offer a man-machine interface that is able to put the complete vehicle's data output to be watchable by the driver in its helmet.

Every part of the 2010 Audi R25 Concept Car is augmented with dynamic sensors and the HD cameras have been integrated at specific positions in the car. The R25 is designed to compete in any kind of car racing including car racing at river banks or sea shores and the car racing in high velocity tunnels.

The car includes many theoretical future racing series concepts that incorporates innovative amazing features that have yet not been used in any form of car racing. The high-velocity banks and tunnels allow cars to race in "inverted position."

Every top section of the tunnels and banks are WiTricity wireless electric charging zones that allow drivers to charge their electric motor and to utilize free energy zones rather than wasting time at fuel stops. The specific features of 2010 Audi R25 concept car include:
The Innovative Dynamic Space Frame which allows a greater degree of integration of circuits, rigidity and flexibility to the body of the car.

The car is highly environmental friendly as it can work on algae biofuels for endurance and it can also work on electric motor that can attain power through wireless power transfer technology while utilizing WiTricity.

The design of 2010 Audi R25 Concept car is based on the established philosophy of "Form is Function." No element of this car is redundant. The active micro-control surfaces are designed to optimize airflow during the race so that the car may enjoy greater speed while racing with the air flow and it may evade air resistance while driving against the wind.

The vehicle dynamic sensors that are present everywhere in the car and the integrated on-board HD cameras that are connected with real-time data links allow driver interaction in impressive way. The fans of 2010 Audi R25 Concept Car can enjoy the experience of the race through monitors and virtual reality booths that give enthusiasts a taste of the real deal and the future of driving.