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Commuter Car Tango

The Commuter Car Tango is an electric car that is both the environmentalist's dream and the sports car enthusiast's dream. While the Tango may appear to be an odd-looking 2-seat gas-sipper that only a treehugger could love, the fact is that this car is fast, very fast.

The Commuter Car Tango can accelerate from 0 - 60 mph in about 4 seconds. It can also run the ¼ mile in 12 seconds, reaching speeds of 120 mph. This Tango not only dances, it can run!


While the Commuter Car Tango may appear to be top-heavy, making it prone to rollovers, this appearance is deceiving. The Tango actually is very stable due to all of the lead-acid batteries stored on the floorboard of the vehicle that give juice to the car.

Unlike many other electric cars, which take 6 - 8 hours to recharge, the Tango's batteries can recharge to 80-percent in just 10 minutes by using a 200-amp off board charger. A full recharge can take 3 hours with this same charger or by using a 110 outlet, the Commuter Car Tango can easily recharge overnight in the convenience of one's own garage. The Tango also has an 80-mile range, which far exceeds the average urban commuter's travel distance of 20 miles per day.

Because of the somewhat odd appearance of the Tango, it makes one wonder whether driving this car would be safe. Once again, appearances are deceiving as the Commuter Car Tango has a low center of gravity, uses 4-point passenger harnesses and contains a racecar-style roll cage that has the equivalent to a 5-star NHTSA rating and meets or exceeds SCCA and NHRA regulations.

What makes the Commuter Car Tango so appealing, though, it is small profile and excellent maneuverability. The car is only 8 ½ feet long and 39-inches in width, which means that it can park in most motorcycle parking spaces or even sideway to the curb, where needed. In fact, the Tango competes more directly with motorcycles than it does with other automobiles since it can maneuver in an out of traffic like a motorcycle and only takes up half a lane of space.

Unlike a motorcycle, however, the Commuter Car Tango is safer to drive, self-contained from the elements and has a decent amount of storage space for the size of the vehicle. They say that it takes two to tango, but this Tango seats two, will get you there in a hurry and will do so in an environmentally friendly, zero emissions manner. As an electric car, the Tango is suprisingly shockingly cool!