Concept Cars
- Audi R25
- Audi RSQ
- Camaro Convertible Concept
- Chevy Z06 X Corvette
- DeltaWing IndyCar Concept
- Ford Shelby Cobra
- Lamborghini Concept S
- Lamborghini Minotauro
- Mercedes Biome
- Peugeot Leonin
- Porsche 918 RSR
- Saab Aero-X
- Scion Fuse
- Volkswagen XL1
Diesel Cars
- Volvo V60 Diesel PHEV
Electric Cars
- Commuter Car Tango
- General Motors EV1
- Kaz Limousine
- Peugeot EX1
- Peugeot Moovie
- Tesla Motors Roadster
- Venturi Fetish
Exotic Cars
- Bugatti Veyron
- Camaro ZL1
- Ferrari Enzo
- Hennessey Venom GT
- Lamborghini Diablo
- Mastretta MXT
- McLaren F1
- Maserati MC12
- Rolls Royce Phantom Black
- Saleen S7
Hybrid Cars
- Ford Reflex
- Honda Insight
- Mazda Ibuki
- Porsche Cayenne Hybrid
- Toyota Hybrid X
Hydrogen Cars
- BMW H2R Racecar
- Chevy Volt Hydrogen
- Ford Super Chief
- Giugiaro Vadho
- GM H2H Hummer
Unique Cars
- MDI Air Car
- Moller Skycar
- Rinspeed Senso
- Smart Car
- Terrafugia Transition











Cool Diesel Cars

What would you do to reduce your car maintenance expenses? Or how about improving your miles per gallon (MPG)? Lastly, how would you like your vehicle's engine to run for a few extra years? A diesel car has many advantages over the traditional gas combustion motors, but chief among them is that diesel exhaust fumes are cleaner and better for the environment than gas and the high miles per gallon also lead it to being the top fossil fuel for a green environment.

diesel cars
Audi A3 Diesel Car

Diesel engines work by compressing air to combust the fuel, whereas a gas engine uses spark plugs that ignite the gas with electrical sparks. This technological difference leads to many of the benefits of the diesel engine. First, the engine requires less maintenance since you do not need to replace the spark plugs. Gas engines run hotter and are less efficient by 60% in the arena of compression leading to lower miles per gallon.

With all of these benefits, why is it that diesel engines have been under-valued, under marketed, and sold in low volumes. Diesel engines have been improved greatly over the past couple of years so that they are quieter, generate less odor, and don't spew black smoke through the tail pipe like the old diesel engines did. Diesel engines are now becoming popular as people are more into buying greener cars.

Audi's A3 TDI 2.0 released in 2011 is sold in a diesel option that improves miles per gallon by almost 50% around town (21 to 30 MPG). Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Chevy, Dodge, & GMC all offer a 2011 diesel vehicle in classes such as compact cars, sedans, wagons, trucks, and commercial vans.

On top of the current list of 2011 models being offered as diesel alternatives, an even larger market and variety of diesel vehicles are available on the used market for affordable prices. Due to the better fuel efficiencies, less maintenance, and more durable and rugged engine these vehicles are usually snapped up quickly and for a premium compared to their gas counter parts.

Is diesel readily available: Yes, it is true that diesel is not available at every single gas station - but it is available in virtually all major intersections and locations. Chevron carries diesel at every location, truck stops, most gas stations along major interstate freeways and more. To locate diesel locations near you and for your trip, check out http://gasprices.mapquest.com/ which will include addresses, telephones and even fuel prices for your convenience.

Diesel Car Concept from GM

In conclusion, are diesel cars worthy? If you value a vehicle that has a longer lasting engine, better for the environment, higher miles per gallon, then the answer would be, yes. If you care about the quality of the air you breathe and the size of your carbon foot print, then you will find that diesel cars are a great alternative to gas combustion vehicles. And some of them look pretty cool, to boot.