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Ford Reflex

The Ford Reflex diesel hybrid concept car is looking to provide a much more hip option in a market that has long been dominated by not so hip automobiles. Its main focus is on sleek exterior design, as Ford looks to catch the consumer's eye with a draw dropping look. The headlights of the Ford Reflex might look like they're coming out of a Star Trek episode, but the rest of the car's body and interior is exceedingly modern.


Ford Reflex

With the Reflex, Ford is attempting to go sexy in the hybrid car market. The sleek, long design appeals to potential car buyers with a sporty streak. The headlights, as mentioned earlier, are a little unusual, but they remain cool and innovative in that they also contain solar panels.

Taking a page out of Lamborghini's playbook, Ford has installed great looking reverse butterfly doors that add to the modern look of the vehicle. The Ford Reflex is small and low to the ground, but twenty-inch wheels make it look much bigger.

Inside of the car, Ford decided to go a little more experimental. Though everything is still modern, they opted not to go with wood and leather on the inside, but opted for warm and cool plastics instead. Hybrid cars have been going with a trendy three-passenger design in recent years, but automaker decided to one-up that trend a little bit with their Ford Reflex.

Though the Ford Reflex begins in the 2+1 design that seats three, the flip of a switch can turn the three-man ride into a four person car. It does this by sacrificing a little bit of trunk storage space, but that is alright for folks looking to stuff another person into their car and the vehicle is especially suited for hosting two kids in the back.

Keeping with the hip and cool theme, Ford has added dual televisions in the backseat. These headrest mounted devices offer quite a glow at night. They combine with a new age LCD lighting system to give off a remarkable ambiance when the sun goes down. These are just some of the features that make the Ford Reflex a hip hybrid.

Getting back to the basics of hybrid car engineering, Ford tried to add some things to its ecologically efficient design. The Ford Reflex looks a little bit like a running shoe and as such, it also features recycled soles from running shoes in the interior. The insulation of the Ford Reflex is made from old recycled Nikes, giving the Ford Reflex a very cool and modern feature.

The solar panels on both the front headlights and back taillights of the Ford Reflex help to power the lithium-ion battery system. Solar panels on the rooftop also power fans to help cool the interior. The combination of solar power, hybrid electric and efficient diesel, combine to give the Ford Reflex an impressive 65 mpg rating.

As one can see, the Ford Reflex is one of the coolest hybrids on the market. With a new body, improved interior and technology, the Ford Reflex has taken a toe hold on the hybrid car industry that they aren't likely to give up soon.