Concept Cars
- Audi R25
- Audi RSQ
- Camaro Convertible Concept
- Chevy Z06 X Corvette
- DeltaWing IndyCar Concept
- Ford Shelby Cobra
- Lamborghini Concept S
- Lamborghini Minotauro
- Mercedes Biome
- Peugeot Leonin
- Porsche 918 RSR
- Saab Aero-X
- Scion Fuse
- Volkswagen XL1
Diesel Cars
- Volvo V60 Diesel PHEV
Electric Cars
- Commuter Car Tango
- General Motors EV1
- Kaz Limousine
- Peugeot EX1
- Peugeot Moovie
- Tesla Motors Roadster
- Venturi Fetish
Exotic Cars
- Bugatti Veyron
- Camaro ZL1
- Ferrari Enzo
- Hennessey Venom GT
- Lamborghini Diablo
- Mastretta MXT
- McLaren F1
- Maserati MC12
- Rolls Royce Phantom Black
- Saleen S7
Hybrid Cars
- Ford Reflex
- Honda Insight
- Mazda Ibuki
- Porsche Cayenne Hybrid
- Toyota Hybrid X
Hydrogen Cars
- BMW H2R Racecar
- Chevy Volt Hydrogen
- Ford Super Chief
- Giugiaro Vadho
- GM H2H Hummer
Unique Cars
- MDI Air Car
- Moller Skycar
- Rinspeed Senso
- Smart Car
- Terrafugia Transition











Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars didn't used to be cool cars, but things have changed since Honda introduced the Insight hybrid in 2000. Following closely on Honda's heals was the Toyota Prius hybrid car, which is the most popular hybrid vehicle today.

In fact, due to the popularity of the Prius and Toyota's other hybrid car and truck offerings, it has supplanted Ford Motor Company as the number 2 car company in sales in the U. S.

Mazda Ibuki Hybrid Concept Sports Car

General Motors is still the number 1 car company, though with declining sales and a string of continuous losses per quarter, it may not be for long.

And, just what is General Motor's philosophy on hybrid cars? According to GM, hybrid are just a passing fancy that the public will get tired of and the real future is in ethanol vehicles and hydrogen cars. GM may be right about this last part, but are being very shortsighted when it comes to hybrid vehicles.

Most likely the vehicles of the future will be ethanol and hydrogen vehicles, but they will be ethanol hybrid and hydrogen hybrid cars and trucks. Why? What consumer wants to spend more on fuel than is absolutely necessary? Whether you're filling your car with gasoline, diesel, biofuels, ethanol or hydrogen, the car that uses less fuel and save more money at the pump will ultimately win the consumers' hearts.

Toyota is banking on this fact. In fact, Toyota has finally acquiesced to pressure from the public and from a group of rogue engineers and now is developing a plug-in hybrid car that will get in excess of 100 miles to the gallon. Even though GM has publicly stated that hybrid cars are a passing fancy, rumor has it that they also are developing a plug-in hybrid because of the current and foreseeable high prices of petrol at the pumps. At least that is the Hybrid Buzz on the street.

Hybrid cars will be around for a long time, not only because they save on fuel and are good for the environment, but also because of the new breed of electric motors that offer more torque. So, expect many new hybrid cars coming out in the not to distant future that will over more power, more speed and higher gas mileage.

Who can ask for more than this?