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Kaz Limousine

The KAZ (Keio Advanced Zero-Emission) limo is not your casual limousine as this electric vehicle hauls assets while not polluting the environment one iota. While stretch limos have always looked a little different, nothing will top the new Kaz Limousine electric vehicle (EV). Don't expect to see Kas limo sitting still for too long, though. While the outside might look odd, there's nothing humorous about the power of this machine as it boasts 600 horsepower, a remarkable feat for a car of its size.


Kaz Limo

The Kaz Limousine is also roomy, but it's not as big as most stretch limos you'll see on the road. It seats eight folks very comfortably, but you could probably squeeze a few more in if needed. This isn't the limo that you'll want to cruise the Las Vegas strip in, however. It's built to have a much more entertaining life than that. In reality, you'd be better suited taking this luxury limo onto the NASCAR circuit for a few laps.

What kind of power are we talking about? In addition to that 600 horsepower, the 6,578 pound Kaz Limousine boasts a top speed of 193 miles per hour. When's the last time you saw a limo driver come close to hitting 200 on the speedometer? Because of its size, it's more suited for high top speeds than it is for extreme acceleration.

The 0 to 60 mph time of around seven seconds is certainly not pedestrian, but no one will mistake the Kaz's acceleration for that of a supercar. It did perform well on the quarter mile drag strip, though. The time of 15.3 seconds is remarkable for what should be a slow moving passenger vehicle.

The Kaz Limousine runs on lithium-ion battery technology, using 84 of the litter buggers to power the vehicle. This battery has excellent range, though as it can run for a full 180 miles before a recharge is needed. This battery lifespan ranks the Kaz as one of the longest lasting vehicles in its class.

The exterior of the Kaz Limousine has an interesting look. Like most electric vehicle concept cars, it doesn't look even remotely like the common car you'll find on a local street. The vehicle is 8-wheel-drive with a 55 kw electric motor in each wheel. The electric motors are Nd-Fe Rare Earth magnets providing high torque in a compact size.

Two wheels are staggered in the central part of the car, while two front wheels complete the configuration. It sits on 17-inch tires that look just a little bit too small for the bulky car. The top of the car is relatively flat, until you get to the front of the vehicle, where it gradually comes forward, leading some to compare the look to that of a space ship. The windows are outlined in a shiny silver that lights up brightly in the sun.

The Kaz Limo is one of the most interesting limousines that one will ever see. Its strange exterior and overloaded engine capacity make it one of the coolest cars ever. The Kaz Limousine was built as a collaboration between 14 Japanese companies and Italy's I.D.E.A. Institute.

Probably better suited for a racetrack than a Sunday stroll, the Kaz Limousine is reported to be a ton of fun to drive. As such, celebrities better put on their neck braces before getting into this version of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. In addition, the yelling of "yee ha" out the window is also required.