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Mazda Ibuki

The Mazda Ibuki Hybrid Concept vehicle made its world debut at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show and its North American debut at the 2004 Chicago Auto Show. The Mazda Ibuki is what the future of the Miata MX-5 Roadster may just look like. Since the Miata is the best-selling 2-seater sports car of all time, the Ibuki is trying to play a little oneupsmanship on this concept.


The name Ibuki means to "invigorate" or "breathe new life into". And, one can see why when checking out this sleek convertible's design. The Mazda engineers designed the Ibuki body with a twin backbone body structure and high rigidity to give the vehicle added safety.

A four-point rollover bar is activated by a sensor when an impending accident is detected. The Ibuki's body, including fenders, hood, floor and door panels are made out of lightweight reinforced plastic, which reduces the weight of the vehicle. The car also uses powerful LED headlamps to enhance visibility.

The Mazda Ibuki is powered by a mid-engine 1.6-liter DOHC four-cylinder (177 hp) coupled with an electric motor that gives this gasoline-electric hybrid car its zoom-zoom oomph. The Ibuki also has a six-speed manual transmission and when accelerating the electric motor provides added torque when passing another vehicle.

As an environmental vehicle, the Mazda Ibuki has engine idle shutoff, which conserves fuel when the vehicle is stopped in traffic or at a stoplight. The Ibuki also uses regenerative braking to recharge the battery pack.

This fun-to-drive convertible sports car may never hit the open road as a production vehicle. But, it may influence the future design and technology of the Miata as a car that both environmentalists and sports car enthusiasts can love.