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Mercedes Biome

The Mercedes Biome concept car has found a home in the hearts of many car enthusiasts as it was first unveiled at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. The Mercedes Biome was created by those wacky car designers in Carlsbad, California (Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios) who took the LA Auto Show's 2010 Design Challenge by the horns.

mercedes biome
The Mercedes Biome captures the future at its best.

The challenge was to design a 2+2 car that weighed less than 1,000 lbs. The ecologically friendly Mercedes Biome far exceeded this challenge coming in at a svelte 865 lbs. In this challenge it turns out that this could have been an episode of "Designers Gone Wild" as this futuristic car comes complete with a fictional story about how it one day could be built 30 or so years in the future.

The story goes like this: The future Mercedes Biome car will be grown in a Mercedes-Benz owned nursery. This nursery will use genetically altered seeds that creates a biofibre body, lighter than metal and stronger than steel.

The special seeds will have a liquid chemical bond called BioNectar4534. Mercedes will have separate proprietary seeds which grow the interior Star, the exterior Star and the wheels of the vehicle. Customizing the Mercedes Biome will be a matter of genetically altering the seeds.

And to make the Mercedes Biome even more environmentally friendly a bio-liquid fuel called BN4534 will be grown using trees. This new biofuel will emit only oxygen when burned making it once again healthy for humans to breathe.

This far fetched Utopian scenario while intriguing gets me a bit cynical as well. For instance, I have an image in my head that I can't shake of Aunt Jemima syrup buckets hanging off the maple trees in the northeast U. S. harvested for automobile fuel. Will the children be going without waffles because of this?

Now, cynicism aside, you cannot argue that the design of the Mercedes Biome concept car is so cool that you nearly loose important body functions when you first lay eyes on this vehicle. From those futuristic wheels to the sleek design you could never imagine the Biome sharing the same road with a 1972 Pinto.

The Mercedes Biome is indeed in the class of coolest cars ever shown and on this website it's found a home. The story is a little far fetched. But, since science fiction precedes science we never know what will be grown and shown 30 years down the road. And that makes the Mercedes Biome an intriguing car on many different levels. And one day you may be driving it home, sweet home.