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Saab Aero-X Concept

The 2006 Saab Aero-X Concept shows the power of the new wave of automobiles by the Scandinavian automaker. The Saab Aero-X was thought of as a study to examine how the newest in design and auto propulsion technology can be expanded.


Saab Aero-X

A two-passenger sports coupe, the Saab Aero-X Concept cannot be accessed like traditional automobiles. In fact, on the Saab Aero-X Concept there are no doors or any windshield pillars securing the windshield. This car has a fighter pilot style cockpit. The door area and top end of the car rises for exit and entry. This bold feature gives the driver 180-degree view out the front and sides of the automobile.

This sleek style car is an all-wheel-drive automobile with a 400 horsepower, twin turbo, BioPower V6 engine that is fueled by ethanol making it a more of a environmentally friendly automobile than most in its class. The Saab Aero-X also has a 7-speed transmission, which the driver controls from the steering wheel.

The Saab Aero-X is not only a green energy showcase but a showcase for design inside and out. The exterior and the interior lighting of the Saab Aero-X is powered by LED. All of the controls on the dashboard are illuminated and are in 3-D graphic images.

The body of the Saab Aero-X Concept is made with carbon fiber and it has a very lightweight powertrain. In addition, the Saab Aero-X Concept uses electronically controlled suspension and drive wheels. The Saab Aero-X achieves 0 - 60 miles per hour in just 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph, which has been electronically limited. As one would expect from a traditional Saab, the Saab Aero-X Concept also has a hint of practicality, with a twin storage facility located in the tail of the car and a traditional hatchback with a sliding drawer underneath.

Saab is giving the tagline to the Aero-X Concept as "performance with responsibility" indicating the combination of horsepower with fewer emissions. While regular horses run on corn, the horsepower for the Saab Aero-X is generated by corn ethanol.

Since the Saab Aero-X Concept was unveiled, car enthusiasts have wanted to saddle up this sweet Swedish auto for a test ride. Perhaps if more people make noise about the Aero-X Concept, Saab will be forced to bring it to market and drivers everywhere will be tooling down to their local Ikea's in this sweet little sensation.