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Scion Fuse Concept

The 2006 Scion Fuse car was created for Toyota's Scion line. The Scion Fuse incorporates high tech instruments and a very elaborate drive-by-wire system. The Scion Fuse is unique in that it has Wi-Fi built in and the passenger can connect to the Internet and use the instant messenger while in the car.


Scion Fuse

One of the innovative features in the Scion Fuse is that while parked, the passenger seat can be folded down to create a table or flat surface. In this position, the seat can be used as a table, desk, and footrest to simple extra space.

The design of the Scion Fuse rates high on the ole cool-o-meter. The front end is fierce looking in that it is rather similar to the Dodge Magnum and the roof is flat like a Mini Cooper. The headlights are thin and rectangular which gives this car a James Bond style to it.

One of the main components about the 2006 Scion Fuse Concept is the glass. There are two horizontal glass panels that run along the length of the roof and they actually slide open in two directions. This option gives each person in the car their own private sunroof.

Another unique feature of this cool car is that the headlights and the fog lights are programmable and can be modified to light up the road and change the colors as desired. The 20-inch wheels also have LED's at the ends of the spokes near the hub and light up when the vehicle is turning.

An LCD screen is embedded in the driver's solid steering wheel, which is where all of the instrument gauges lay instead of in the dashboard. On the passenger side are two video screens, side by side that act as an entertainment and information center for the passenger who can watch movies or play video games here. There is also a hidden LCD screen that is located behind the front seat, where a rear seat passenger can download video and other images to this screen.

The doors are what the industry calls butterfly doors that open with a key shaped sensor. The Scion Fuse is a 3-door hatchback with a front engine layout and an engine of 2.4 liters DOHC Inline-4 and a seating capacity of four people.

The Scion Fuse was unveiled at the 2006 New York International Auto Show. Collaboratively designed by Calty Design Research of Newport Beach, California and Five Axis just up the road in Huntington Beach, the Scion Fuse has lighted a fire under automotive enthusiasts ever since.