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Tesla Motors Roadster

The Tesla Motors Roadster is an electric car like no other. First, this lean, mean electric machine can go from 0 - 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, so even eco-friendly treehuggers can get down and dirty with this sports car.


The Tesla Roadster also has a range of 250 miles between charges and can be fully recharged in as little as 3.5 hours giving it range and refueling capabilities that even the fabled EV1 could never live up to. Coming in at a cool $100,000, this hotrod has already sold out all of its 2007 ½ models and will begin taking deposits for its 2008 model year.

From an environmentalist's point-of-view, the Tesla Motors Roadster is still an electric car. It gives off zero emissions and may be recharged over night during off-peak hours for pennies on the dollar. While its true that coal is still used to generate most of the electricity in this country, the plants using this fossil fuel have gotten much cleaner over the past 20 years. Plus, because of efficiencies of electric cars the amount of CO2 given off by coal plants to juice up electric cars is far less than the emissions spewed by gasoline-only cars.

The Tesla Roadster also comes with a solar panel option for the hardcore environmentalists. The Tesla Motors Solar Option can be purchased along with the Roadster and technicians will come to one's home, install the solar panels, which will generate electricity to recharge the car.

For the sports car enthusiast, the Tesla Motors Roadster is quick out of the blocks. This convertible comes with a 2-speed transmission, which supplies quick acceleration. First gear gives the Roadster its fast 0 - 60 acceleration, while second gear tops out at a little over 130 mph.

A couple of special features of the Tesla Roadster make it both like a hybrid and unlike any other car on the road. Regenerative braking found in many hybrid vehicles recharges the Roadster's lithium-ion battery pack. A unique feature of the Tesla Roadster is that there is no gear for reverse. The electric motor simply runs backwards for reversing.

So, whether you're an environmentalist or sports car enthusiast or a little of both, the Tesla Roadster may just be the car you've been waiting for - if you don't mind plunking down a little of your hard earned cash, that is.

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