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Toyota Hybrid X

Toyota recently unveiled its newest concept car, a hybrid automobile known as the Hybrid X. Upon its arrival at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, the Hybrid X gave a clear indication of the direction in which its new hybrid vehicles would be heading. With its low emissions and sleek design, the Toyota Hybrid X is looking to blaze a new trail in the hybrid car market.


Hybrid X

Toyota's next generation hybrids are looking to set new standards and trends within the hybrid car industry. While most hybrids have focused on their energy saving and exterior design, Toyota has shifted its focus onto the interior design and overall look of the car.

The Hybrid X is the embodiment of "Vibrant Clarity" that sits nicely on twenty-inch wheels. When Toyota released information on this vehicle, they neglected to give much information about the power train of the car, opting instead to focus on the other features. What is known is that this hybrid takes another step in the race to make a zero emission car, which may indicate plug-in capabilities at least in the future.

The Toyota Hybrid X uses some of the latest drive-by-wire technology available and the driver is able to look upon to screen on the steering wheel to determine vital functions such as energy flow through the vehicle, gear position and fuel consumption. On a separate touch-screen the driver can control entertainment features such as audio and lighting. The Hybrid X is also Bluetooth enabled for hands-free communications.

Some of the features that Toyota is especially proud of include a four-seat design that allows for much more air circulation and comfort. The rear seats have the ability to swivel and can do so a full twelve degrees. This added emphasis on passenger comfort is something that Toyota is looking to go forward with in their future hybrid vehicles. They seem to have gotten the point that even the environmentally conscious car owner wants to ride in comfort.

With the Hybrid X, Toyota has continued the use of the Hybrid Synergy Drive system, which has helped drive innovation in this industry for the past few years. While this concept car is admittedly not a complete car, it does represent Toyota's ongoing strategy for the future. They hope not only to establish a pattern of environmental friendliness, but also a reputation of putting quality on the roadways.

Much of Toyota's design strategy can be linked to two ideas. J-Factor and Vibrant Clarity are the two building blocks with which the Hybrid X has been built. J-Factor refers to the company's commitment to staying true to its original Japanese roots and having potential buyers and the market accept that. In each of its future designs including the Hybrid X, Toyota hopes to maintain this.

Vibrant Clarity is the language that the company uses in order to get across this message. They seem to have achieved with in one regard with the Hybrid X. The car has its own special identity, separate from other models within Toyota and other hybrids on the market.

The Hybrid X seems to be Toyota's attempt to take control of the hybrid car market and push it one-step further. With its intelligent design aimed at pleasing the passenger, it takes some simple steps to making the hybrid a more desirable option for the common car owner. With more innovations on the way and increased engineering capability, Toyota will use this concept car as a foundation for future endeavors.